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Dirt, dust and debris can build up quickly in an indoor office space. Air pollution can have detrimental effects on employee respiratory health. It’s essential that your office maintains proper workplace ventilation to ensure a clean and safe environment for your employees, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) addresses specific legal requirements for workplace ventilation for businesses to abide by. Here are some tips for improving your workplace indoor air quality:

How to Improve Air Quality in the Office

Clean Your Workspace Regularly

To reduce levels of mold, dust, allergens and contaminants, be intentional about keeping your workplace clean. Be sure to vacuum, disinfect and dust regularly using eco-friendly cleaning products that don’t release harsh chemicals.


Replace HVAC Air Filters Frequently

It’s important that you clean your air filters regularly to prevent dust and pollutants from clogging up and settling inside your air ducts. Replace your filters every six to 12 months to allow for proper airflow and reduce health risks for your employees.


Keep Your Air Vents Unblocked

If your air vents are blocked, the air won’t circulate properly, which can lead to a stuffy, unsafe office environment. Make sure that your air vents are kept unblocked by furniture, storage, chairs or cabinets.


Let in Fresh Air When Possible

Allow for some fresh outdoor air by opening up the windows when the weather permits it. This will circulate fresh air in and stale indoor air out.


Add Plants to Your Space

Plants and other biophilic elements offer plenty of benefits for office employees. Adding plants to your office space can significantly improve air quality by removing indoor pollutants and toxins.


Conduct Regular Air Quality Tests

Performing regular indoor air testing will provide you insights on your workplace ventilation, airflow, humidity levels, water damage, odors, leaks and more so that you can improve your air quality moving forward.

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