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Modern office employees spend an overwhelming amount of their day indoors. Continuous research proves that humans have an innate relationship with nature that impacts their health and well-being. Today’s architects and scientists are encouraging employers to incorporate biophilic office design into their workplaces to surround employees with nature, even when they’re inside.  

What is Biophilic Office Design?

Biophilic design introduces elements of the natural outdoors inside the office, where employees can embrace its restorative benefits throughout the workday. A biophilic office focuses on environmental conservation, energy efficiency and nature.

There are many ways the concept of biophilia can be replicated in the office. Incorporating greenery, natural wood and stone finishes, water, natural light and natural air ventilation into your office design can provide tremendous health and environmental benefits.

Benefits of Biophilic Office Design

Physical Health

Adding plant life and natural outdoor air ventilation to your indoor workspace can significantly improve the air quality by removing pollutants, toxins and airborne bacteria. Purified air decreases your employees’ chance of contracting viruses or suffering from the negative effects of air pollution. Natural light can also improve sleep and promote better overall health.


Mental Health

Biophilic design elements, including natural light and plants, can have a positive impact on mental health, improving cognitive function, mood and confidence—while reducing stress. Natural elements help create a calming, harmonious office environment for workers.



Being surrounded by natural scenery improves productivity and concentration levels. Plantlife boosts oxygen levels, which decreases mental fatigue and enhances focus. Natural light has positive effects on vision, including preventing the eye strain, headaches and blurred vision that detract from working productively.



Biophilic design in the workplace and the ability to work in a natural environment stimulate creativity among employees. Fresh air, running water, plants and natural materials act as both decorative features and catalysts for creative inspiration.

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