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Sitting at a desk all day can be exhausting. It can impact your eyesight, posture, and mental state if you don’t take enough breaks. Luckily, technology can help you create a workspace that meets your needs. An example of supportive technology is the use of a monitor arm. Learn how monitor arm benefits support office comfort, productivity, and organization during the workday.

What is a Monitor Arm?

A monitor arm is a piece of robotic equipment that raises your computer monitor to where it works best for you. Just like in the name, a monitor arm is just that–an arm–that reaches and adjusts to your ideal placement.

How to Use a Monitor Arm

Even though there are many monitor arm benefits, it may take time to find the right position for yours. After the equipment has been installed, play around gently with the monitor arm to figure out the most comfortable position for it. Of course, it can move around throughout the day to meet your needs, but it may take time to get used to the equipment. Test it out from a sitting and standing position (if you utilize a standing desk). During this exploration process, you’ll find out if there were any issues during installation that need to be fixed.

Monitor Arm Benefits

The benefits of a monitor arm in your workplace are endless! There are many reasons why a monitor arm is a great addition to your office.


As mentioned above, posture improvement is a huge monitor arm benefit. When the monitor arm is in the proper position, it will help maintain your posture throughout the workday for greater physical comfort. A monitor arm plays a big role in helping prevent stiffness and back aches throughout the day because it forces you to focus on your body. It can also help minimize eye strain. When a computer screen is too far away, squinting and leaning forward can cause headaches or double vision.


Since a monitor arm lifts the computer monitor off the desk, it creates space beneath it. For those who work better in a clean environment, a monitor arm can be a helpful tool when it comes to organizing a desk space. That space can be used for shelving or on-desk storage. Since minimalistic design is on-trend for many businesses, this kind of organization may be perfect for your workspace.


Productivity is one of the many benefits of monitor arms. When you are comfortable in your workspace and there is less clutter on your desk, productivity tends to improve. If you use multiple monitor arms at your desk, it creates a comfortable, panoramic view of your work. Being able to organize your work on three different screens while keeping your desk free of clutter is a game-changer for staying on-task. When your space is clean and your body is comfortable, your productivity will soar!

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