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Allé offers a comprehensive range of wastebaskets that cater to the needs of any modern or contemporary space.

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Why wastebaskets?

Sometimes overlooked in the design process yet always needed and noticed, wastebaskets are an essential component of any office or commercial concept.

Our Wastebaskets

Stylish essentials.

Just like other workplace fundamentals, an office is not complete without a wastebasket. Allé has a keen eye for details and can support your design concept with all the best finishing touches. That is why we present an assortment of wastebaskets available in an array of materials and sizes. All of our wastebaskets are constructed with durable materials for lasting longevity in any indoor commercial area or office space.

Browse our Wastebaskets

Metal series.

Metal wastebaskets are durable and long-lasting with a very sleek and modern appearance.

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Leather series.

Leather wastebaskets have a classic, elegant look that enhances a space’s overall aesthetic.

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