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Keeping your office clean is not only important for maintaining your space, but also for employee health and productivity. A clean workspace is more crucial now than ever as workplaces try to get back to pre-COVID productivity. The benefits of reducing waste in the workplace are tremendous and by following the office cleaning tips and tricks below, you can maintain a tidy, germ-free office.

Office Cleaning Checklist

Creating a daily or weekly office cleaning checklist can help maintain your workspace cleaning habits. The more consistently these office cleaning tips and tricks are incorporated into your day, the more likely you are to have a safe, sanitary, and productive space to work from.

Disinfect Daily

Maintain office hygiene and cleanliness by adding workspace disinfecting to your office cleaning checklist. Eliminate bacteria and viruses on surfaces by sanitizing desks, chairs, keyboards, phones, and chairs in every office space. This includes the kitchen, breakroom, countertops, and bathrooms to prevent spread of germs. Centrally-located sanitizing wipe dispensers can help workspace cleaning be as quick as possible so that work remains the primary focus.


Dust Regularly

Dusting is an essential part of the workplace cleaning process and is a task often forgotten or ignored. Dust not only contributes to an unsightly workplace, but it can also cause irritation to the eyes, lungs, and skin—especially for those with allergies. Dust build-up can also cause permanent discoloration if ignored and interfere with your office building’s heating and cooling systems. Dusting is one of the most important office cleaning tips and tricks and really shouldn’t be pushed to the side.


Stay Organized

A busy workday often results in disorganization. Avoid chaos and provide a cleaner working environment for your employees by organizing your equipment, paperwork, and kitchen supplies. Adding organization to your office cleaning checklist makes office cleaning easier while keeping your daily routine as efficient as possible. Stackable trays, shelves, wall racks, and filing cabinets can help you effectively organize your office.


Eliminate or Recycle Refuse

Accumulating clutter can make your workspace a stressful and disordered environment. Declutter your workspace and keep it clean by getting rid of waste regularly. Invest in recycle and waste receptacles that make disposal easier. Empty your receptacles often to prevent pest infestation and foul smells in your office.

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