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Maintaining healthy office habits throughout the workday helps not only with physical and mental health but also productivity and focus. However, sometimes the list of healthy office habits can be, well, intimidating. Instead of focusing on a million health-related tasks to take on, focus on a handful of realistic goals. When you have tasks to tackle, the reward feels that much better.

5 Hacks for Staying Healthy in the Office

Thinking about yourself during the workday isn’t always easy. Below are five healthy office habits to try out throughout the day. By writing them on sticky notes, or adding an alarm on your phone, you’ll have an easier time repeating these habits and accomplishing your goals.

1. Hydration

Staying hydrated throughout the day may sound cliche, but when you don’t consume enough water, your body and brain struggle. Drinking eight-to-ten glasses of water a day is the ultimate goal, but that may seem impossible. Setting alarms on your phone can be a helpful way to remind yourself to stay hydrated. There are also many smartphone apps to help you hit hydration benchmarks.

2. Activity

Sitting at a desk all day and staring at a screen can cause stiff backs, achy limbs, and blurry vision. Moving around a few times a day gets the blood flowing and helps you feel better physically and mentally. Your choice of activity can even coincide with when you refill your glass or water bottle. Every time you refill your water, you can make sure to take an extra lap around the office. You could even throw in some jumping jacks or lunges if you really want to increase your physical activity!

3. Posture

Though many offices have ergonomic furniture to support their workers, it doesn’t mean thinking about posture should be pushed aside. The more you focus on how you’re sitting in your chair and how your neck is positioned, the better your body will feel in the long run. Make sure your chair is at a comfortable height at your desk as well as your monitor screen. If you work at a standing desk, alternating between sitting and standing can also promote healthy office habits when focusing on posture.

4. Snacks

Instead of visiting the nearest vending machine multiple times a day, pre-plan your snacks the night before. Choose healthy snacks that will taste good and also give you energy throughout the day. Fruits, vegetables, granola bars, and mixed nuts are great options for healthy snacks. Packing yourself fruits that are rich in water–such as oranges, watermelon, and strawberries–will help keep you hydrated.

5. Socialization

It isn’t professional or productive to talk to your cubicle neighbor all day, but it’s good to interact with those around you throughout the workday. Social interactions help improve energy and reduce stress. It has also been said that giving high-fives to coworkers immediately releases oxytocin–otherwise known as the “Trust Hormone.” If you’re not into high-fiving the worker in front of you, bring up a relatable topic for a couple of minutes. Some socialization may be the pick-me-up your body and mind need.

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