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Everyone focuses in their own unique way. While some work best with music, others need absolute silence to be productive. Though diversity is important and makes your business better, these differences can also lead to productivity concerns. Providing office noise cancellation options within a workspace is an easy way to improve productivity for all.

Why is Office Soundproofing Important?

Everyone’s working style is different. Therefore, incorporating noise-canceling options throughout the office supports all the different needs. On top of meeting staff needs, office soundproofing also helps keep customers and clients happy. When an office is extra noisy, those sounds can negatively impact phone calls and meetings. When office noise cancellation is addressed, a workspace’s atmosphere feels more comfortable overall.

Try These Office Noise Cancellation Suggestions

Finding ways to improve office noise cancellation in your office doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult with these simple suggestions.

Add More Plants

Plants offer more than a natural aesthetic to an office space—they actually have the ability to reduce noise! When walking through the woods, there is often a quiet hush surrounding you. This is because plants absorb sound and support focus. Palms, ferns, and figs are just a few examples of plants that break up noise within a space to provide a soothing work environment. Landscapers often use plants and shrubs to deflect noise from the outdoors so offices can experience more peace. Incorporating more plants into your office design is a great way to offer office noise cancellation.

Create Quiet Zones

With hybrid workplaces and coworking offices growing in popularity, open-concept spaces are a common design trend. With an open concept comes the ability to hear everyone and everything around you. Providing small, soundproof rooms or pods for meetings and silent work is a way to prevent noise from taking over an entire office. If a separate room isn’t possible, paneling off a section of the office strictly for quiet, productive time can help those who need silence to work.

Use Acoustic Panels

When you want to improve office noise cancellation, incorporating acoustic or sound-absorbing panels into your workspace can help. These sheets are designed to decrease sound by absorbing it into their material. Acoustic panels are typically budget-friendly and can be designed to look like modern decor rather than the huge, sound-absorbing tiles they are. The most popular acoustic panels used in office spaces are wall and ceiling panels. Designers are becoming more and more clever when it comes to the look of acoustic panels. This means offices can have artistic decor as sound is being absorbed.

Adjust the Office Layout

Since every workspace is different, looking at the space from a design standpoint first is a great way to create a plan. Whether or not soundproof cubicles are the solution to your office noise cancellation concerns or creating quiet spaces, discussing a design plan is critical. If the office needs to be adjusted to meet the needs of your employees, this should be done before any support materials are brought in. With all the different options available for office soundproofing, narrowing down which solution works best for your business is key. The answer could simply be moving around the office without the installation of additional products.

Allé Designs

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