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Planter boxes aren’t just made for the warmer months of the year. Fiberglass planters are durable and can easily be maintained through every season. After the flowers wilt and the vegetables are picked, repurpose your office planters for year-round use! There is so much more in store for your commercial landscape when you know how to decorate a planter box.

How to Decorate a Planter Box

Figuring out how to decorate your planter box for spring, summer, fall, and winter gives your planters a year-long lifespan! Discover how you can showcase your favorite planters year-round at your workplace without seasonal conditions getting in the way.


When you think about spring, you think about flowers blooming and spreading seeds in your garden or planter box. Of course, adding fresh florals to the fiberglass planters on your office porch, landscape, or interior adds personality–and aroma–to the space.

To make full use of your planter boxes’ potential, change up the color scheme and floral arrangements. Introducing uniquely shaped planters to the mix adds a bit of texture to your design. If you have smaller decorative planters, you can plant mint, basil, thyme, or other herbs in them on windowsills or side tables. This not only adds interest to your office but also introduces some great scents. The herbs are also useful when employees or visitors take lunch or snack breaks.


Summertime is known for planters full of growing vegetables and fruits, dahlias and daisies. However, thinking outside the box may be the best way to determine how to decorate a planter box.

Decorative planter boxes don’t always need to house living plants and vegetables. In the summer, small planters can be placed throughout an office or home with other summer necessities. If your office has an outdoor space, a planter that neatly holds sunscreen, bug spray, and sunglasses may be a useful–and unexpected–way to use a fiberglass planter. Another great use of decorative planters is to hold hand towels in bathrooms or kitchen spaces.


Fall is usually when many homes and commercial buildings start putting away their fiberglass planters for the year. However, when you think creatively, you don’t need to pack up those planter boxes! There are so many ways to incorporate planters into a spooky, BOO-tiful fall design!

Fall is when you may decide to swap out fresh blooms for artificial ones! Snagging some neat, artificial flowers in dark purple and green adds to the fall aesthetic–whether inside or outside. Miniature white and orange pumpkins placed around the planters also make for an easy, appealing spectacle to behold. For those who work where Halloween candy is a must-have, switching out those herb planters for candy holders can be a good way to add sweets to the season.


The gold. The tinsel. The fir trees. The artificial snow. Winter has so much to offer when it comes to figuring out how to decorate a planter box for the season! Though it’s typically not the best season to try growing flowers, vegetables, or fruits, winter still has a lot in store for statement-making decorative planters.

Artificial decor is your best friend in the wintertime; that being said, you’ll want to be sure it doesn’t look too thrown-together. Keep it classy by only adding a hint of glitter and sparkle to your decorative planter box. Dark greens, deep reds, bright whites, and golds are great colors to add to an arrangement. Holly and poinsettias always make a space feel festive. Instead of purchasing new planter boxes, reuse the ones you enjoyed all year long—but with added festive flair!

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