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Transitioning toward a more environmentally-friendly office was a 2021 trend many businesses jumped on board with. With 2022 just beginning, it is no surprise that sustainable office ideas are growing in popularity. Using eco-friendly office supplies can turn a standard office into a more sustainable one while also helping minimize your carbon footprint. Making small steps toward office sustainability by using recycled office supplies and resourceful materials can be a huge step in the end.

LED Light Bulbs

Who wants to use products with harmful chemicals like mercury in their office? When you use LED bulbs, you are getting strong light that uses less energy—without dangerous toxins. LED light bulbs also last six times longer than typical office light bulbs. This makes them less of a hassle to deal with over time. LED light bulbs give off less heat which is great for your office thermostat, which can stay in “energy conservation mode” for longer periods of time. Since these bulbs put less heat into the air, there is lower fear of curtains or materials catching fire if too close to a light fixture or bulb.

Biodegradable Garbage Bags

The more plastic bags you use, the worse it is for the environment. However, if you use biodegradable garbage bags, you are supporting sustainability in your office while also helping the earth. Compostable trash bags made of post-consumer recycled goods are much better for the environment and work just as well in your office as typical garbage bags do. Making this tiny step can lead to bigger changes in the long run when trying to become more eco-friendly.

Recycled Materials

When it comes to going green in your office, you can think beyond recycled office supplies. Think about all of the different paper products your office uses: paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, napkins. There are sustainable options for all of those paper products as well as the typical office materials such as printer paper and notepads. Green America states that about 39% less solid waste is used when utilizing recycled materials and trees are not harmed when paper products are recycled.

Plastic Water Bottles

Similar to the garbage bags discussion above, plastic is toxic to the environment. The Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke did a study showing that 60% to 80% of waterlife pollution is due to plastic materials. Even though plastic is a useful invention, it can cause more harm than good in the long run. Instead of stocking your refrigerator with plastic water bottles, try supporting a local water delivery business. Though your office may have to spend a few more dollars to use this service, it is one step toward a more sustainable workspace.

Digital Management

We live in the digital age where everything and anything is online, on computers, or saved on some kind of digital device. When it comes to focusing on eco-friendly office supplies, why not get rid of all of those cardboard separators or unused folders taking up space in your desk? With so many apps available to help organize office work and new software innovations being created daily, ridding your office of physical materials helps work toward an environmentally-friendly office.

Allé Designs

Allé Designs was created with the concept to offer simple, beautiful, and functional ancillary products for commercial office spaces. Our full range of products, that are that are used and enjoyed every day, have one commonality – a lasting aesthetic that transcends short-lived trends.