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Do the members of your company work at small desks? Do the cubicle walls of your business look bare and dull? These thoughts might be common if your corporate office space is small, but they don’t have to be! By putting office space ideas into action that showcase your style and personality, your team could thrive in a cozier, more productive environment.

Add Colors

Whether your team prefers bright colors or would rather work in the shadows, incorporating color can create a more comfortable, lively workspace. With so many sterile, bleak desks and cubicles in the corporate and commercial office world, colors can improve your company’s productivity and morale. To add a soothing or calming feel to your personal office space, you can try using cooler blue hues or muted grays. If your team has vibrant, creative personalities, oranges and yellows can brighten up your work nook.

Incorporate Furnishings

An easy way to incorporate your employees’ needs is to allow them to choose furniture, especially ergonomic elements, that work for them! Certain chairs or couches can make an office feel welcoming and even desk style and lighting can add an innovative or professional touch to a typically lackluster area. By meshing your personal style while still focusing on the industry you work in, you can bring your office space ideas to life.

Go for Some Greenery

Whether it be a small plant, succulent, or shrub, adding greenery to your desk or office space brings  a whole new life to your work zone. It’s been said time and time again that plants being involved in the workplace improve creativity, productivity and mood during work hours. If you’ve never taken on the role of Plant Parent before, adding a small plant to your desk could show you how greenery can refresh and relax your mind during the day. Of course, don’t add plants and small trees into your office setting if you don’t feel that connection. However, if you’re willing to try something new and add a new dynamic to your workspace, this is it.

Thematic Décor

If your brand or business is on the wilder side and wants to show personality through office space branding, adding bold décor can do just that. Pick out elements of your personality you could showcase through décor on your desk. Or, focus on a passion of yours and professionally incorporate it through paper products, coffee mugs, picture frames, and organization tools.

Allé Designs

Allé Designs was created with the concept to offer simple, beautiful, and functional ancillary products for commercial office spaces. Our full range of products, that are that are used and enjoyed every day, have one commonality – a lasting aesthetic that transcends short-lived trends.