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Creating a sustainable office design is a valuable way to support your employees mentally, physically, and socially. These benefits—such as an open concept, natural lighting, and organic resources—may not seem obvious when focusing on office materials such as recycling bins and planters. However, those small changes are stepping stones toward better mental, physical, and social experiences for your employees.

Benefits of a Green Office Design

Mental Benefits

Working in a closed-off, dim environment can easily lead to burnout and a negative mental state. When a space lacks an eco-friendly concept, absenteeism, depression, and stress are more likely to increase among staff. You want your employees to feel productive and supported when working on their tasks. Creating a sustainable office design is a great step in this direction!

Some eco-friendly office design ideas to pump up workplace positivity include ensuring there is adequate lighting as well as smart lighting choices. LED bulbs are not only easier on the eyes, they are also environmentally friendly and create a more sustainable office design. Ergonomic tools such as an adjustable monitor arm and a functional desk can provide more comfort, leading to more productivity. Having a community hub in the office where snacks, comfortable furniture, and engaging visuals are available provides a sense of warmth and social support. A gathering area is also a great low-cost office design idea for those trying to stay as budget-friendly as possible.


Physical Benefits

Incorporating environmentally-friendly products to the workplace improves so many physical dynamics of an office setting.

Utilizing building materials that are low in toxicity can minimize airborne viruses and improve airflow. This is especially relevant in the post-pandemic world many businesses are transitioning into. Just by paying closer attention to how the building your office is in was constructed and staying up-to-date with maintenance provides a healthier, greener environment overall. When the bones of an office are eco-friendly, employees can focus on work knowing they’re in a safe environment.


Social Benefits

Your employees want to feel comfortable when physically working in an office. Since work is often a social environment—unless working remotely, of course—feeling closed into cubicles doesn’t always provide a very welcoming vibe. A green office design creates a social, relaxing atmosphere where employees can both be productive and feel connected to their team members.

By creating an open space with natural connections and obvious signs of community, your office can go from cold and enclosed to warm, responsive, and eco-friendly. Ridding your workspace of separation can be the first way to say goodbye to unnecessary physical barriers and say hello to a more comfortable environment. This can be done simply by replacing cubicles with accessible desks and shared tables, making sure there is natural light, and incorporating plants and calming views into your green office design.

Allé Designs

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