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Are you running out of storage space in your office? It’s time to get creative with work office storage ideas! Improve your office organization and productivity by freeing up desk space and keeping your supplies neat.

Whether you’re working from home or in the office, these office supply storage ideas are great for keeping your space organized and your favorite tools on hand when you need them!

Open Shelving

Open shelves are easy to install and customize to your workspace! Keep office supplies, such as books and pens, off of your desk and easily accessible on shelves. You can style them with framed photos, plants, awards and other decor!


Magnetic boards, whiteboards or cork boards are perfect for holding important papers, receipts, save-the-dates, notes or inspirational quotes. You can also hang hooks to hold your keys, hats or other personal items throughout the workday!

Rolling Carts

Rolling carts are a great mobile option for storing extra office supplies, such as writing utensils, paperwork, tape, staplers and more. You can easily wheel your supplies around to different locations if you need to. Rolling carts are ideal for classrooms or open floor plan offices.


If you have room for office storage furniture, invest in a large cabinet with multiple drawers or shelving for storage and organization. Accent cabinets are another option if you’re looking to add to your office aesthetic while preserving storage space! You can rest other office supplies on top of your cabinets, such as printers or organizational bins and baskets.

Built-in Storage

Free up desk and floor space by utilizing your walls! Add a built-in storage unit to your office space to store files, books, bins, boxes and more. Integrated shelves and cabinets can add both style and function to your office.

Mail Cubbies

Mail clutter can accumulate very quickly, making for a stressful work environment. Keeping a designated place for mail is a great starting point. Mail cubbies will help you store, sort and organize mail piece by piece while keeping it from piling on your desk or the reception counter. 

Allé Designs

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