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If you work in a commercial space during the summer months, you know that even with air conditioning on at full-force, the heat can be horrible. Instead of waiting for the AC to cool the office down, discover some options to cool down your body and personal workspace.

How to Stay Cool in the Office

There are many ways to stay cool during the hot summer months when the heat makes it hard to focus and stay productive. Below are five office cooling suggestions that may make your summer in the office less sweaty and stressful.

Stay Hydrated

This suggestion may seem too easy, but drinking six to eight glasses of water a day isn’t as simple as it sounds–even in the hot summer months. However, drinking as much water as you can is the best way to stay cool in heat. Many offices have refrigerators or water machines available for staff to use. There are also great apps you can use on your smartphone that remind you to refill your water bottle or even take some sips.

Wear Cooling Clothes

There are clothes that cool you down? Yes there are! When shopping for t-shirts or work clothes, look for Comfort Cool on the tag. There are undershirts available with cooling, breathable technology built into the fabric meant to keep body temperature down. If you aren’t in the mood to buy a new wardrobe, wear white or light colored clothing. Dark clothing absorbs heat and sunlight and you are more likely to feel warm wearing it.

Use Personal Fans

Some employees are afraid to ask their supervisors if they can bring in personal fans to use. If you never ask, you will never know–so ask! If your office allows this, find a small fan to click onto your cubicle wall or set on your desk during the day. There are even battery-run fans you can attach to the top of your phone and use when walking around the office.

Shut Down Electronics

Computers, tablets, lights, laptops–they all give off heat. If you aren’t using one of the many devices that may be in your workspace, shut it off! Unplug what you aren’t using so that it isn’t giving off additional heat. This is one of those things many people don’t think about and don’t think will make a difference–but will. Switching your light bulbs to LED bulbs can also help save energy and give off less heat during the workday.

Facial Spritzers

Whether you fill a spray bottle with water or find a name-brand facial spritzer, misting your skin with cool water can be a very effective way to cool down. Of course, it isn’t suggested you do this around your workplace electronics. Step outside or into the bathroom with your choice of facial spritzer and take a moment to cool off. There are also many handheld fans that include a spray bottle so you can get extra cool all at once.

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