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It can be difficult staying upbeat and chipper constantly throughout the hectic work day. On top of a heavy workload, personal struggles sometimes slip into your mind as the day progresses, causing any ounce of positive energy to slowly trickle away. It happens—we’re only human.

Though it can seem tough at times maintaining this positive energy in the workplace—especially during the changing seasons—there are ways to keep a silver lining nearby. A few small changes throughout the day can lead to big improvements in employee morale and your own personal outlook.

Why Does Positive Energy in the Workplace Matter?

Positive energy in the workplace is important when trying to lift the morale of others as well as keep your own mindset in check. The co-founder of Edinburgh IFA, Amy Finlay, states that one major reason a personal positive outlook helps an office setting is because it can rub off on other employees. Having the power to influence the mindset of others through energy is impressive. When one person is upbeat, those infectious emotions may lead to more productivity in the long run.

How to Create Positive Energy

Taking small steps every day to focus on positive energy in the workplace can make a dramatic difference over time. The following points discuss little ways to bring more positive energy to both the office and your own personal life without taking a class, attending a workshop, or reading a self-help book.

You Matter Most

At the end of the day, your own personal joy is what matters. If you enter the office radiating negativity, it may take a lot of work to get yourself to a positive mindset. When you feel lousy, your colleagues notice and that negative energy can rub off on them as well.

Start the day by evaluating what’s coming in the hours ahead and pick out little things that always bring you joy. If those little things are that there’s hot coffee available, your desk plant is growing, and you’re having lunch with a coworker you enjoy, bring on the positive energy!


Keep Office Ergonomics Updated

Feeling physically comfortable at your work desk is as important as feeling mentally content throughout the work day. When hoping to spread positive energy at work, you want to make sure your desk, chair, and surroundings are ergonomic.

If you’re unsure exactly what having an ergonomically sound space is, it is a space that can adjust to your needs. This may mean having a desk that you can sit at and then adjust to stand at if you need to stretch your legs out a bit during the day. This can also mean using a chair that supports your spine, legs, and feet to some capacity by utilizing pillows or removable cushions. When you feel comfortable in your office, your mindset improves.


Balance Functionality and Decor

If you want to hang every piece of decor at your workstation or line every windowsill with beautiful (but high-maintenance) plants, take into consideration functionality. Too much clutter can lead to overwhelm rather than productivity.

Lighting impacts your mindset in many unexpected ways. When at work, you may not realize how important lighting is to your mental outlook, but it definitely plays a role in positive energy. Make lighting a priority when organizing and decorating your space. Once you have a good amount of lighting, create a clean, personalized aesthetic that doesn’t take over your desk or flow into the main office space. Keep it neat and functional.


Encourage Others

Once your mind is in a positive state, it’s easier for others to tap into that energy and move forward with it. The easiest way to make this happen is to show empathy to your coworkers, support them, and make them smile. If they seem down, find an easy way to lift them up without pointing out their not-so-upbeat state.

Helping someone feel included and respected can instantly flip the switch from a rough day to a better one. Embracing everyone’s differences and creating more diverse, inclusive workspaces opens up doors that once were closed off to this mindset. If you can be that positive voice in a work setting, you are already moving in the right direction.

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