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With spring just around the corner, figuring out how to landscape your commercial office space may be on your mind. If you’re choosing between concrete or fiberglass planters, you may want to lean toward fiberglass. The benefits of large fiberglass planters outweigh those of other materials, such as concrete, when it comes to plant growth and aesthetics. The below points may help guide you in the best direction for your space when it comes to the fiberglass vs. concrete debate!

What Makes Modern Fiberglass Planters Different?

Resin fiberglass planters have high-quality, marine-grade particles that help make the planters dent-free, rust-free, and leak-free. Not only do they keep the plants inside healthy, they are aesthetically pleasing and add a modern edge to any commercial setting.

The Upside of Using Fiberglass Planter Boxes

These benefits of using resin fiberglass planter boxes outweigh the negatives!


Durability is a huge benefit of using large fiberglass planters when decorating the inside or outside of your commercial space. Using planter boxes that can hold up in both freezing cold and sweltering hot temperatures is helpful—especially for businesses operating somewhere with four seasons.



No one likes hauling heavy planters around their office when it’s time to change up decoration or re-pot plants. Even large fiberglass planters are naturally lightweight, making a struggle like this less of a concern. Fiberglass resin also retains moisture so watering doesn’t have to be as big of a hassle or worry.



The look of a fiberglass planter is not only pleasing to the eye, but also contains natural materials. The marine-grade particles meshed into the fiberglass resin create an authentic look that seems like natural stone and clay, without the weight and hassle of it. With less chemicals involved in the process, you can feel better about where your plants are growing.


Encourage Others

Once your mind is in a positive state, it’s easier for others to tap into that energy and move forward with it. The easiest way to make this happen is to show empathy to your coworkers, support them, and make them smile. If they seem down, find an easy way to lift them up without pointing out their not-so-upbeat state.

Helping someone feel included and respected can instantly flip the switch from a rough day to a better one. Embracing everyone’s differences and creating more diverse, inclusive workspaces opens up doors that once were closed off to this mindset. If you can be that positive voice in a work setting, you are already moving in the right direction.


The Downside of Using Concrete Planters

Concrete planters have pros and cons—like all quality material planters do—but when it comes to product strengths, there are reasons concrete planters aren’t on the same level as modern fiberglass planters.


Concrete is a heavy material. Like stone and brick, concrete is a naturally hefty material that ends up becoming stressful to work with. When it comes to growing plants in an easy-to-transfer planter, using concrete is definitely not the material of choice to go with. Though durable and a favorite to decorate with, concrete tends to have more cons than pros.



Concrete is a solid, heavy material to build with and it comes with quite the price tag. There are always different components to take into consideration when it comes to concrete: reinforcement, grading, finishes, and others. The price often increases based on these factors.



Most people have walked barefoot on dry concrete on a hot, summer day and immediately felt heat on the bottom of their feet. This causes a similar issue for plants growing in concrete planters. The roots can become incredibly hot, incredibly quickly, causing long-term damage to both the plant and the planter.

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