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Maybe you’re looking forward to spring cleaning. Maybe you’re scared to approach such a big project. If your office tends to look at spring cleaning with fear, a realistic spring cleaning list can offer guidance during a time that can, sometimes, be overwhelming. When you start off feeling organized and your list has realistic goals, you and your team can tackle the task at hand with confidence!

What Should Be on Your Spring Cleaning List?

Writing down a long list of messes or projects creates negative energy you just don’t need. Adding smaller, more realistic tasks to your spring cleaning list can help lead you toward a more organized workplace.

Get Energized

Before writing down the first item on that list, take a deep breath, turn on some feel-good music, and get excited. A clean, coordinated space to work in may lead to higher productivity and creativity throughout the day. These are two very necessary elements of a successful work day that you don’t want to miss out on.

Include Physical Cleaning

You wouldn’t think it’s hard to forget sanitizing your work station. However, spraying, scrubbing, and washing your desk and work area actually isn’t always included on a spring cleaning checklist. Grab some cotton swabs and microfiber towels and get to work!

Don’t Forget to Digitally Declutter

From laptops and tablets to the cloud and portals, modern-day workers have a lot of digital data to take care of. If there are spreadsheets and documents you have no need for—get rid of them! Adding an e-cleanup to your spring cleaning listand— monthly cleaning list—helps improve your device’s speed and gives you more space to work with.

Spend a Few Bucks

It’s always fun to order a few new notebooks, desk plants, and organizers for your workspace—even if that means spending a few dollars. If the money is going toward improving your workplace productivity (and your personal happiness), why hesitate? Add a new, personalized aesthetic to your workspace without guilt this spring.

Ask for Help

Even though you may have a good idea of what to get rid of at your desk, your coworkers may have even better suggestions. Reach out to those around you and see what they have to say. Maybe they see clutter in a corner you haven’t yet or perhaps they recognize a messy trend you haven’t accepted. Asking for help is never a bad idea.

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