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“Going green” is more than occasionally recycling and turning off the lights at night. It is an entire way of life that protects the environment while working through our daily tasks. Instead of doing little things once and a while to help the world we live in, energy-saving activities can be part of day-to-day functions within your workplace. Incorporating green workplace initiatives into your office is a good way to support sustainability and help others learn new ways to go green.

What are Green Workplace Initiatives?

Green workplace initiatives are ways employees can include more sustainability in the workplace by doing small, helpful tasks on a consistent basis. Rather than random tasks, green workplace initiatives are consistent actions designed to better the environment. Green initiatives have also been seen to benefit workers’ well-being and productivity throughout their work day.

Easy Green Initiative Examples for the Workplace

It can seem overwhelming thinking about all the ways to “go green” in an office setting. However, there are small tasks that can be done everyday that slowly become ingrained into your daily schedule and office culture. Below are a few examples of ways to incorporate green workplace initiatives into your workplace routines.


Most members of society learned about recycling in elementary school, but still don’t fully grasp the importance of it. Though it seems obvious to add it to the list of green workplace initiatives to try, recycling is an extremely important part of creating a sustainable work environment. Incorporating recycling bins at each desk or in every room is a good way to remind employees of the importance of this green initiative. Making sure employees know what to put in the recycling bin and what to put in a garbage can is also critical. Though this seems like childhood knowledge, many adults still don’t know exactly what can be recycled and what is trash.

Go Paper-Free

One impressive way technology has improved workplace productivity is a reduced reliance on paper products. Easy-to-use programs where documents can be stored without printing pages upon pages are being utilized more often in offices. This has not only saved the need to purchase paper products, but also helped free up office space so filing cabinets are now a thing of the past.

Bike or Walk

When you find alternative ways to travel—such as biking or walking—you help lower greenhouse emissions. These options are sustainable ways to travel to work and also support green workplace initiatives. Walking or biking are great, sustainable options along with taking public transit if that’s a choice in your community. If driving is necessary, carpooling with others who live nearby is a way to support sustainability in the workplace as well. This is another reason why hybrid schedules are becoming so popular. Less travel means fewer emissions. If travel to the office must occur, consider an environmentally-friendly way to commute.

Go Plastic-Free

Getting rid of plastic products is a huge way to support a more sustainable office space. Switch to products that use recycled glass or cans for a more environmentally-friendly option. It’s incredibly important to remember to recycle these items and not to throw them in the trash bin. Look close at the beverages or boxed products you purchase to know if the containers can be recycled or reused. If your office is trying to use only sustainable products, read the product description carefully before purchasing.

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