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You might not expect the different shapes of pots to matter much when landscaping, but planter shapes and sizes do make a difference. If you want your fiberglass planters to be a conversation piece, while also maintaining plant health, learning about what planter shapes work best can be beneficial.

Why Different Shapes of Planters Matter

Different shapes of pots matter more than expected when it comes to landscaping and office decor. That’s because plants don’t always grow well in every type of soil or every outdoor environment. Therefore, it’s important to make sure the fiberglass planters you’re using support the plants inside of them. For example, if a large, rectangular planter is used for a small plant, it’s easier to over- or under-water.

Popular Planter Shapes

Utilizing different shapes of planters can change the look of your office landscaping, bringing a more unique vibe to your outdoor office space. Below are a few of the more popular planter shapes often used for decor and landscaping.


Square planters are symmetrical, stable planters that work well for most plants. When using square fiberglass planters, you have more plant options to choose from since this planter shape is very universal. If your commercial office space needs color, square planters work best for most flowers. Square planters also don’t typically need much maintenance. The air-to-water ratio is consistent, drainage is often easy, and soil stays soft.

Though square fiberglass planters are easy to use, it doesn’t mean the same size will work forever. When the plant outgrows the square planter, it’s important to replace the soil and repot the plant so it can get all the nutrients it needs.


Rectangular planters are the go-to choice for modern gardeners and landscapers when it comes to choosing different shapes of pots. Rectangular planters offer the ability to add all kinds of greenery and foliage to a look. Similar to square planters, the ratio of soil to water is typically even and little effort is needed for upkeep. Keeping an eye on plant growth, especially if different types of plants are in one rectangular planter, is important when it comes to outgrowing the space.

Rectangular planters can easily be paired with other containers of other shapes for a more eclectic look, both inside and outside!


Round planters are unique and add a different dimension and feel to a space, whether it be indoor or outdoor. Though round planters add a unique edge to a garden or outdoor space, geometric planters aren’t a fit for every office. Keeping rounded planters near other similar containers can help keep a more balanced aesthetic. Changing up the sizes and colors of rounded planters is a good way to create contrast. Round fiberglass planters are known for giving off calm, tranquil vibes when incorporated into office gardens or meditation spaces.

It’s important to keep an eye on the soil and drainage with round planters. While many round fiberglass planters drain well, some may be more finicky.

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