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A change of scenery offers a refreshing restart to your work. For those looking to catch some fresh air while responding to a few emails, writing a report, meeting with a coworker or taking a lunch break, an outdoor workspace is the perfect setting!

An outdoor workspace offers employees several benefits, from enhanced concentration and focus to improved creativity. On top of that, working outside can also lead to improved health and well-being, leading to better employee satisfaction and retention.

Here are some outdoor workspace ideas that you can implement at your business to provide a comfortable and productive work environment for your employees!


Did you figure out a plan for a reliable power source yet? When you’re working outside, keep in mind that an outlet might not be within reach. You may want to start with some heavy duty extension cords, then attach outdoor power strips with USB ports for charging! If you’d like to get away from messy, visible cords, portable solar chargers are a great investment.


Intense screen glare, uncomfortable heat, and skin-damaging UV rays can make productive work in the outdoor sun nearly impossible. Add an awning, canopy, umbrellas or drop shades to your outdoor office for employees to enjoy the comfort of shade while working.

Wireless Equipment

Wireless and mobile equipment is essential for working in and traveling to an outdoor setting. Invest in laptops or tablets for your employees to make working outside accessible and convenient! Wireless keyboards and mice help provide employees with the support they need for proper posture and productivity while working from their laptops or tablets. A portable laptop stand is another great investment for employees that prefer an elevated screen.

Greenery as Separators

It’s hard to establish privacy in an outdoor environment, when there are no walls or cubicle dividers. Incorporate greenery as a natural divider between seating areas, allowing for privacy, one-on-one conversations and social distancing between work teams.

Outdoor Seating

Seating and layout is an essential consideration for your outdoor working space. Moveable seating configurations allow different individuals or teams to use the workspace simultaneously. It’s a good idea to invest in ergonomic outdoor workspace furniture that provides both comfort and support for employees.

Outdoor Fridge

Have you considered any outdoor amenities for your employees? A portable outdoor fridge makes grabbing a snack or drink quick and convenient, without having to go back inside.

Allé Designs

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