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Open concept offices have been on-trend for some time now, replacing the cubicle and closed office work environments. While open office plans offer a number of advantages for employees, they also contribute to some setbacks in the workplace. It’s important to consider the pros and cons of open plan offices before choosing the office layout that best suits your company.

Open Plan Office Advantages


An open office concept eliminates physical barriers, allowing for easy, face-to-face communication and collaboration between coworkers. Collaboration fosters creativity and innovation.



Many prefer the trendy look and feel of the open office plan design. A modern, cohesive open space is visually appealing to interior designers, especially.



Open concept office plans are designed to maximize flexibility without committing to a permanent layout. When your team grows or some of your employees often work remotely, rearranging your workspace layout is no problem!


Cost Effectiveness

Open office plans are more cost-effective than dividing a space into cubicles or private offices. Open offices require less furniture and facilitate shared resources, such as tables, workspaces and printers so you can focus on providing your employees with better equipment.


Health Benefits

The benefits of open floor plan offices extend to the physical health of employees. Several studies have proven that open floor plan office workers are more physically active and less likely to develop type 2 diabetes compared to those working in smaller office environments.

Open Plan Office Disadvantages


Open office layouts can invite interruptions that disrupt, and sometimes demotivate the entire team. In-person and phone conversations and office noises can be distracting throughout the workday, making it difficult to concentrate.


Lack of Privacy

The lack of privacy for team members is another significant disadvantage of the open floor plan office. Making a private phone call or having a private conversation with another coworker is difficult to do without being overheard by others in the office.



The compromise of privacy and increased distractions that open offices contribute to can bring an overwhelming amount of stress and anxiety to some employees. Employees may feel the need to appear productive in front of their boss or coworkers at all times, which can lead to additional feelings of pressure and stress.



Germs and bacteria are more easily spread in an environment where there are no walls or cubicles to divide workspaces. Research shows that open office plans of all sizes saw significantly higher rates of employee sick time compared to those in closed offices.


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