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Though summer is known for sunshine, it’s important not to forget that rainfall does happen–even in drier states! Many people also leave their planters outside during the colder seasons just to realize, come spring, their pots are forever ruined. Weather happens and finding weatherproof planter boxes should happen too! Instead of using random planters from the nearest shop, seek out weatherproof planters that will last.

Top Weatherproof Planters

When landscaping the outside of your commercial office space, you will want to utilize the best weather-resistant planters. Below are three of the best planters you can use year-round for your office landscaping.


Fiberglass planters are one of the best weather-resistant planters options because of their impressive durability and low-maintenance care. There are many sophisticated finishes, shapes, and textures available when it comes to the modern design of fiberglass planters. Their material is what makes them truly the best outdoor planters for any landscape design. Made with glass fibers and resin, fiberglass plant pots are weatherproof planter boxes that maintain curb appeal and plant life all year long.

Stone and Clay

Planters made of stone and clay are extremely porous which helps water and air move through the planter. This is helpful when it comes to tough weather conditions, but it does mean stone planters may need to be emptied after a lot of rain. Stone and clay pots are weatherproof planter boxes that not only look appealing but help maintain the health of the soil within the pot. This means the flowers or plants are healthier for longer periods of time and less maintenance is required.


Aluminum and steel are the two most popular types of metal for weather-resistant planters. Metal planters are made to survive difficult weather conditions without worrying about nicks or chips in the material. When the sun is shining on your landscaping, metal planters give off a glow that catches passerbys’ eyes and brings a unique touch to your space. It’s important to remember that metal heats up quickly. If the metal planter box is in direct sunlight, it can become incredibly hot and dry up plant roots. Placing metal planters in the shade is a smart choice during the summer months.


Though plastic isn’t everyone’s favorite planter material, when resin is added to the mix, it definitely makes a positive change! Plastic resin planter boxes can withstand almost any weather condition and temperature–especially during the hotter months. These planters are incredibly lightweight and can easily be transported to change up the look of your landscaping over the summer months. Another positive of plastic is its affordability. Though the price tag is nice, the material can degrade over time and extra cleaning and care is often needed.

Allé Designs

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