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The modern office is being reinvented to accommodate remote or hybrid work and rapidly advancing technology. Physical offices aren’t going anywhere, but technologies are making it easier to support new, more flexible ways of working. Workforce mobilization encourages productive and efficient work, whether employees are in the office or at home. Mobile workspaces allow people to choose the most convenient device and location they need to work efficiently, giving them the freedom to work how, where and when they want.

What Are Mobile Workspace, Exactly?

Mobile or portable workspaces enable business flexibility and mobility by providing all of the resources an employee needs for productive work in any context. A corporate PC is no longer required, as employees can now access all corporate data securely from anywhere, on any device. This includes collaboration and communication tools, apps and other services.

Here are a few ways businesses are using mobile workspaces to provide value for their companies.

Simplified Security

Portable workspace solutions provide simplified and enhanced security, by providing a single point for managing data access. Mobile workspaces also embrace mobile device security policies, ensuring that your organization is not susceptible to data breach which could cost you time and money in recovery. 


Increased Speed and Efficiency

Creating a mobile workspace greatly increases speed and productivity for employees that can work where they are most comfortable. In addition, mobile workspaces eliminate unnecessary meetings or chit-chat. Each employees’ mobile device can also capture large amounts of data about workflow, processes and customer needs to help streamline work. By weeding out inefficiencies and using cloud based apps, work can be done faster.


Stronger Talent

A recent global study found that 71% of businesses believe that offering flexible work situations significantly widens their talent pool. The flexibility and lifestyle benefits of mobile workspaces give companies more leverage when it comes to hiring new talent. This could give your business more opportunities in recruiting talent at all levels of experience and career stages.


Cost Savings

Businesses that employ mobile workforces can save money on office space, utility costs, paper and other office expenses that a fully in-person workplace would incur.


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