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Creating a sustainable office design is a valuable way to support your employees mentally, physically, and socially. These benefits—such as an open concept, natural lighting, and organic resources—may not seem obvious when focusing on office materials such as recycling bins and planters. However, those small changes are stepping stones toward better mental, physical, and social experiences for your employees.

What is Color Psychology?

Finding the best office colors for productivity is based on a tool known as color psychology. This states that every color has a unique way of influencing your mood and energy. Color psychology has even been known to affect you physically and impact daily activities. While some hues boost your metabolism, colors in the blue family may reduce crime, and the color red may increase reactivity. This method of color analysis flows over into the workplace and can be beneficial when used with intention.


Recognized as a universal favorite, blue is one of the best office colors for productivity. It provides a relaxing, stable vibe and helps maintain focus as the day moves forward. Painting walls a hue of blue or wearing a shade of this color can help with mood and focus. Using this color in smaller office items such as notepads, mousepads, and paperclips can be that bit of tranquility you need when the day becomes hectic.



When you think about green, you may think about nature and efficiency. Those connections roll over into color psychology in an office setting. The color green helps prevent eye fatigue and can evoke patience in those who work long, tiring hours. Painting office walls a soft shade of green is a way to bring forth a peaceful vibe when working. Decorating the office with plants or having an outdoor green space is another way to utilize color psychology and increase productivity.



Optimism. Energy. Creativity. These three words prove yellow is a beneficial color to incorporate into an office. If your job needs you to dig into your imagination, adding yellow to desk accents such as paper products, a stapler or tape dispenser, garbage cans, or even your cubicle backdrop is a great way to get that inspiration flowing. Creativity is an important tool for many careers and knowing how to use yellow effectively can pump up your imagination.



Red is an intense color. This intensity can impact your mental and physical states in positive ways when used effectively in a workspace. Known to wake deep passion and emotion, the color also helps increase blood flow and heart rate so you are more alert and functional. If you are easily distracted, use the color red to force your focus on certain things at your desk that need to get done. A red notebook can help you stay connected to meeting notes, or use a red coffee mug to remind you of the coffee you have yet to drink that morning.

Allé Designs

Allé Designs was created with the concept to offer simple, beautiful, and functional ancillary products for commercial office spaces. Our full range of products, that are that are used and enjoyed every day, have one commonality – a lasting aesthetic that transcends short-lived trends.