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Outdoor workspaces are a smart, sustainable choice that give your employees space to comfortably focus, relax, and connect while at work. Over the last year, it has become more accepted to work outdoors—whether it be remotely or just outside the office.

Many companies learned through the COVID-19 pandemic that not only is remote work possible but being outside increases productivity. Nature, fresh air, and natural space can improve physical and mental health as well as boost mood and focus. Investing in outdoor office workspace also allows for social distancing and can give employees unable to work from home an opportunity to remove PPE. More and more companies are giving employees this opportunity and there are clear reasons why.

L.L. Bean

L. L. Bean has long supported outdoor workspaces. The company discovered that about 86% of its office workers would prefer to work outside if given the opportunity. The company created pop-up, outdoor offices for many of its employees, as well as communities across the country. Its pop-up spaces were “free-to-reserve” and came with power outlets and Wi-Fi so workers could be productive and worry-free.


Even though Etsy is known as a handmade online retailer, its physical office has become part of the outdoor office space phenomenon. With a beautiful view of the Brooklyn Bridge, Etsy has a rooftop garden allowing employees to work in nature and feel at ease. The modern benches have sustainable lighting beneath them and there is even a stocked bar available. It seems Etsy knows as much about innovative workspaces as they do about selling one-of-a-kind products.


You’re probably familiar with the physical appearance of the Empire State Building—it likely also helps you recognize the New York City skyline. Employees at Shutterstock enjoy an outdoor office space on the rooftop of this world-renown skyscraper. The terrace is modern and simple with chairs, tables, and some greenery, but nothing too over-the-top. Besides, they have the view most only dream about.


If you were hoping to get away with napping on the job, visiting Casper’s rooftop patio during your workday could be the ticket to true relaxation. The mattress company has nap pods not only built into its office space, but a shaded, covered rooftop with a pristine lawn and sleek furniture. With a snack station only a few steps from most work spots and shade allowing even hot summer sun to feel relaxing, Casper has definitely taken the outdoor workspace trend to a new level.


Though not every office may be able to step it up to the impressive heights (literally) that Microsoft has, it’s obvious as to why productivity could be soaring. Hidden away in the woods of Washington state is what Microsoft refers to as the “Crow’s Nest.” The space is composed of wooden offices and bridges built into pine trees, where employees can escape into the quiet of nature and focus.

Allé Designs

Allé Designs was created with the concept to offer simple, beautiful, and functional ancillary products for commercial office spaces. Our full range of products, that are that are used and enjoyed every day, have one commonality – a lasting aesthetic that transcends short-lived trends.