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According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting over 18% of the population. Many other Americans experience work-induced anxiety. Anxiety in the workplace can take a significant toll on employees that transfers into their home life. As an employer, managing anxiety in the workplace can be a difficult road to navigate, but it’s essential for building a healthy work environment.

Here are some tips for reducing anxiety in the workplace:

Encourage Physical Activity

Plenty of research shows that physical activity is vital for maintaining mental fitness and reducing stress and anxiety in the workplace. Exercise can decrease fatigue and improve energy and concentration levels, as well as overall cognitive function. As an employer, you can promote physical activity in the workplace by creating a healthy environment where employees are encouraged to get up and stretch, take a walk or join a nearby gym for a discounted membership fee!


Communicate with Your Employees

Managing anxiety in the workplace starts with personable communication from the top. Engaging with your employees one-on-one and letting them know that you value their individual contribution is so important. When employees feel that they are replaceable or undervalued, it can make their time at work stressful and discouraging.


Educate Your Employees About Mental Health

Establish an employee wellness program or initiative to educate your employees about mental health awareness and anxiety in the workplace. Provide them with mental health resources that help them learn how to cope with workplace stress and anxiety. Bringing in a therapist or mental health professional is a great way to get the conversation started.


Provide Flexibility

Sitting at a desk eight hours a day for a full week raises a number of health concerns. Encourage mobility, flexible working hours or remote workdays to improve employee morale and help them recharge and refocus. Install adjustable standing desks, outdoor workspaces or an office lounge to provide flexible working environments for employees.


Provide Resources

Encourage employees to use corporate mental health resources and assistance programs when they’re struggling with anxiety in the workplace. Build a culture of accountability in your workplace that encourages employees and leaders to check in with one another.

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