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The cold, snowy season is finally upon us. It’s time to start preparing the outdoor spaces at your office for winter! It’s important that you winterize your business exterior and maintain your winter curb appeal to give potential customers a great first impression and provide a welcoming environment for employees!

6 Ways to Increase Winter Curb Appeal

Maintain Lawncare

Keeping your business’ landscaping tidy can help boost your curb appeal in the winter months. Be sure to rake any fallen leaves and fertilize your lawn before the first frost to ensure that your grass absorbs all of the nutrients it needs for the winter months. Clear any debris that finds its way onto your property year-round for a clean and welcoming entrance! Set up outdoor receptacles to eliminate litter and encourage proper waste management.


Winter Plants

Spruce up your winter landscaping by planting some cold-weather greenery! There are plenty of trees, plants and flowers that bloom even in winter’s freezing temperatures and snow accumulation. Evergreens, holly and winter honeysuckle add some colorful variety to your winter business front.


Snow Removal

Diligent snow removal not only adds to your winter curb appeal, but it also assures safety for employees and customers that enter your building. Clear the snow from walkable surfaces, stairs, entryways and parking lots, and apply rock salt to prevent slips and falls.


Winter Decorations

Create a warm and inviting environment for your employees and clientele by adding some simple, tasteful winter-themed decor to your outdoor space. Stay away from bulky, over-the-top holiday decorations, such as inflatable Santas or snowmen, as they can be distracting and off-brand for your business. A simple wreath or small strands of lights can go a long way!


Fresh Paint

It’s important to remember that your building is going to be more visible and exposed during the winter, with bare trees and white snow forcing it to stand out. Applying a fresh coat of paint is one way you can improve your business’ curb appeal before heading into the winter months!


Exterior Lighting

A well-lit exterior makes employees, customers and passersby feel safe when approaching your business, especially during the winter months when it gets dark so early. Outdoor lighting provides a welcoming entry and a sense of security while also preventing any trips or falls!

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