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Creating a comfortable, welcoming office atmosphere sometimes means adding a little personality. While it’s nice to have clean decor and polished planters in your workspace, it can be just as nice to add a little flair here and there. Ways to do this may be simpler than you would expect and can be great opportunities to bring the team together through an artistic, team building activity.

Ways to Safely Decorate Your Tall Resin Pot

Personalizing your resin pot planters can often mean interacting with the outer coating, which may impact how the planters work. When you look outside of the box, there are creative ways to make decorative plant pots without impacting the resin with paint or glue. Below are a few simple ways you can add flair—without ruining the resin coating.


Rustic and farmhouse aesthetics have been trending for a decade now and this trend doesn’t just end at someone’s residence. Office and business spaces have started incorporating a rustic vibe into their workspaces. One easy way to do this is to incorporate twine by tying a few strands around the center of a resin plant pot or even around the bottom of it. If this style is used throughout a space, it can easily create a cohesive, rustic atmosphere for any setting.



If the decorative pots you use are small, adding clothespins can create a unique look without ruining the composite resin casing. Simply clipping the clothespins around the edges of a few decorative plant pots can bring a look together. Painting the clothespins can add a little color and match your business’s brand or the office aesthetic. With clothespins, there is no need for adhesive, leaving your decorative plant pots looking unique with a well-maintained finish.



Sewing fabric together to create a mitt or sweater for your decorative plant pots can be a nice addition to your workspace aesthetic. Though this may not be an in-office activity, it can be something done at home or purchased locally. Once measurements of the resin pot planters are taken and fabric is purchased, sewing can begin. Not someone who has sewing expertise? Wrapping planters in old fabric can create a similar look with less work!



Need to get rid of the excess twigs and sticks in the yard of your office or building? Collect them, brush them off, and then create a reinforcer for your planter to sit inside of. Instead of gluing the twigs directly onto the resin plant pot, find a can or old planter to use as a guide. Glue the twigs together around the placeholder planter, wait for them to dry, and then place the resin planter pot into the twig potholder. If you’re someone with a more creative mind and great fine motor skills, twigs can also be strung together neatly to create the same look.



Lace can add a classic, dainty touch to any office aesthetic. Similar to the twine discussed above, incorporating lace to a decorative plant pot is as simple as wrapping it tightly around the resin planter and securing it with glue only on the lace. It’s important to make sure the glue does not drip through and touch the resin surface of the planter pot. Measuring the lace and pot beforehand can allow for the glue to dry separately before placing the planter into the lace holder. That way, there is no worry about glue seeping through and impacting the resin planter pot’s coating.

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