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With in-person meetings and conferences returning after a long pandemic hiatus, it’s finally time to invest in meeting room technology and organizational tools again. Not only will these tools help your conference be unforgettable, but they will have attendees asking about your next event before this one comes to a close!

Tools for Conference Organization

You can’t host a successful conference without high-quality organizational tools. It is just as crucial to incorporate products that minimize unnecessary waste while keeping your event top-notch.

A simple, eco-friendly wall pocket rack may be just what you need to keep any of the paper materials you do use neat and in one place for attendees. This free-standing organizer is aesthetically pleasing when entering conference and meeting spaces. It’s perfect for materials that couldn’t be added to an app or other digital system.

Productivity and style are just as important as the essentials when it comes to preparing a conference.  make a space look complete and keep attendees feeling comfortable. Another way to maintain morale and comfort during a conference is during sessions. This sectioned organizer can house pens, notepads, water bottles, and other items so attendees can focus and feel at ease during the conference. Including a beautiful, on-brand folder (perhaps even made from recycled materials) in your conference toolkit gives attendees a place to store any materials they take with them.

Conference Scheduling Technology

Finding the best meeting room booking system for your conference is critical for a smooth event. Depending on how attendees will interact and move around, you may want features like calendar integration, a search function, and reservation management. A physical booking system that mounts to the wall outside of the conference space is also an option. Look for a scheduling tool that offers digital signage, space reservation, and a modern aesthetic to reassure attendees they’re in the right place.

With life being so deeply rooted in our mobile devices, a meeting room booking app may be all your business requires when organizing a conference. The most advanced scheduling apps allow you to book different spaces and equipment, sync schedules, showcase dining and travel options, and manage hotel options. For simpler, more sustainable conferences, this may be the perfect tool.

Keep Your Conference Eco-Friendly

Minimizing physical materials during conferences keeps attendees focused. With less paper waste thanks to meeting room booking systems and other conference room technology, your event will be well on its way toward sustainability.

There are more ways to create an eco-friendly conference than just ridding the event of paper products. Keeping your event in a hotel or close to a main hub is a way to avoid driving automobiles or taking public transportation. If the space is in a central area, walking or riding a bike can be a good alternative to .

You may not think incorporating plants into your conference aesthetic is necessary. However, using greenery and natural lighting at your conference is a terrific way to build positive morale while supporting sustainability.  helps lessen your event’s carbon footprint while creating an atmosphere conference-goers will rave about.

Allé Designs

Allé Designs was created with the concept to offer simple, beautiful, and functional ancillary products for commercial office spaces. Our full range of products, that are that are used and enjoyed every day, have one commonality – a lasting aesthetic that transcends short-lived trends.