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Medical offices are particularly vulnerable to the spread of viruses and bacteria. It’s important that your practice is doing all it can to ensure a clean and healthy environment for patients, employees and visitors that enter your facility. Add these hygienic medical office accessories to your space to encourage healthy habits and minimize the spread of disease and infection!

1. Hand Sanitizer Stations

Wall-mounted hand sanitizing stations and respiratory hygiene stations can help increase the overall usage of public health products, like hand sanitizer, masks, gloves and tissues, while preventing the spread of infection and illnesses. Place sanitizing stations near convenient, top-of-mind areas in your medical office, such as the front door, reception desk and restroom to encourage compliance.


2. No-touch Receptacles

Receptacles collect billions of bacteria each day. Avoid patient and staff exposure to germs and prevent the spread of disease by using no-touch receptacles rather than manual garbage and recycling bins.


3. Temperature Screening Kiosk

Reduce the risk of allowing infected or ill persons into your practice without utilizing protective gear or receiving special treatment with a temperature screening kiosk. Performing temperature checks on your employees and visitors prior to entering your healthcare facility can minimize the risk to staff members and patients.


4. Plants

Plants offer a great addition to your medical office aesthetic while providing plenty of health benefits for employees and patients that enter your facility. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and chemicals in the air, making it cleaner for humans to breathe in! Add some lively plants to your reception area to provide clean, refreshing airflow and help reduce the risk of sickness.


5. Protective Glass Shield

A protective glass shield or sneeze guard at your medical office’s reception desk will protect your staff and patients from catching a virus or disease. A transparent barrier still allows for face-to-face interaction that encourages trustworthy transactions with your healthcare practice.

Allé Designs

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