APS23369 Vertical Assure Protective Shield

APS23369 Vertical Assure Protective Shield

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This durable plexiglass shield makes personal interaction simple and safe without fear of spreading germs. Health risks will be a real concern for the foreseeable future. Integrating an acrylic barrier to your work station allows customers or clients to receive the important services you provide them.


This vertical plexiglass shield does not require any tools to assemble. It can easily sit on any work surface and includes two main parts: an acrylic face and two acrylic feet. The plexiglass barrier face easily slips into the two acrylic feet and can be disassembled within seconds. This allows the plexiglass shield to be packed flat for easy storage.


It’s important to use products and materials that are safe and easy-to-clean. This plexiglass desk shield is simple to sanitize and is made of 100% acrylic material. This Assure acrylic barrier is a lightweight, easy-to-transfer, TSA compliant product that comes in at about seven pounds, making it easy for employees to reposition.


This plexiglass shield is 23 inches wide and 36 inches tall, a size that isn’t too hefty or bulky for setup and removal. At only 9 inches deep, the plexiglass desk shield has a sleek, aesthetically pleasing appearance appropriate for any professional office or commercial setting. This is definitely a barrier that looks good and provides a safe distance during communication.

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