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The ideal work from home space should allow for maximum comfort, productivity and efficiency. Improve your workflow and meet your professional goals while working remotely with these work from home office ideas! 

Choose an Unused Space in Your Home

Pick the perfect work from home space where you’ll be the most productive. Depending on the size of your home, you may have to get creative with a small home workspace. It’s important that you choose a spot free of distractions and comfortable enough to spend a large portion of your day in!

Make sure your work from home office space is conveniently located near an accessible power outlet or multi-plug extension cord to power all of your work devices. Test the Internet in your work from home space to ensure that the WIFI connection is strong. If possible, choose a location with plenty of natural light or sufficient artificial lighting that doesn’t strain or tire your eyes throughout the workday.


Invest in Ergonomic Home Workspace Essentials

Your work from home space should be as ergonomic as possible to ensure that you are being just as proactive at home as in the office. Your desk is the centerpiece of your work from home office space. Invest in a desk that fits your work devices and equipment.

Once you’ve set up your desk, it’s time to add items that contribute to your comfort level and add value to your workspace. Invest in supportive seating and computer accessories for your workstation. Ensure optimal functionality with small additional workplace items such as clocks, desk pads, coasters and calendars.


Get Creative with Storage

A clutter-free work from home space relieves stress, encourages organizational habits and improves productivity. Create a tidy, clutter-free workspace with functional storage. Keep your intended aesthetic while eliminating disorder with organizational storage bins, filing cabinets and shelves for all of your paperwork and work supplies.


Personalize your Space

You should be comfortable in your remote workspace. Incorporate your personality into your work from home office space design and surround yourself with things that you love to boost your morale. Add a family photo, plants, flowers or wall art to bring life to your work from home office space!

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