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Upon returning to the office during COVID-19, employers are expected to provide employees with office PPE (personal protective equipment) to minimize any spread of the virus. It’s important to make sure that your employees are equipped with the right office PPE supplies to maintain best hygiene and safety practices. Combat the virus with these 6 types of office PPE!

1. Masks

The CDC recommends wearing masks in the workplace when social distancing is difficult to maintain. In some states, it’s mandatory to wear a mask in enclosed public places, which would include the office. Masks block out airborne particles that may contain the virus. Provide your employees with medical or cloth masks that reduce the transmission of COVID-19.

2. Hand Sanitizer

Implement safe hand hygiene in the workplace and prevent the spread of germs by providing office employees with hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent alcohol. Install hand sanitizing stations throughout the office to keep sanitizer readily accessible for employees. Encourage your employees to clean their hands frequently to create a safer working environment for everyone.

3. Antibacterial Wipes

Keep germs and viruses at bay by disinfecting your workstations, keyboards, phones, doorknobs and other commonly used surfaces regularly. Having antibacterial wipes available and accessible will encourage employees to wipe down their equipment periodically and effectively eliminate accumulating bacteria.

4. Dividers and Sneeze Guards

Protective shields or sneeze guards are essential PPE for office workers that interact with customers on a regular basis. Transparent dividers make personal interactions safer for your employees and clientele alike.

5. Disposable Desk Mats

Disposable desk mats mitigate the contact-based spread of viruses on shared or individual desk surfaces by providing a surface barrier. Have your employees place a new disposable paper desk mat at their workspace at the start of each workday, and discard it before leaving!

6. Gloves

While gloves aren’t necessary for protection against COVID-19 in most situations, they can be useful for cleaning frequently touched surfaces in the office or for handling the equipment of other employees. Remind your employees to wash their hands before and after using gloves and dispose of them when they are finished using them!

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