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1824DP100 Daily Surface/Desk Mat 100 Sheets

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Businesses and their employees value sanitary, germ-free workspaces. But clean does not have to mean plain. Enjoy the benefits of professional, hygienic, and visually enriching offices and communal workspaces with Allé’s disposable paper desk mats.


A pack of 100 single-use sheets offers extensive protection from germ contamination over the life of each pack. These disposable office desk pads create an instant barrier between those using a space and the furniture within it. Compared to traditional linoleum and leather mats, paper mats are designed to limit the spread of harmful germs within commercial or public establishments.


Daily surface paper desk mats are 100% recyclable to help prevent the spread of disease while remaining environmentally friendly. Single sheets mitigate contact-based spread on high-traffic surfaces known to harbor bacteria, viruses, and other microbes. Generously sized at 18 x 24 inches, these large paper desk mats are easily installed in a variety of spaces to promote office-wide cleanliness.


Save time and money on cleaning and maintenance in addition to promoting workplace hygiene and safety. Start each day with a fresh disposable paper desk pad in high-volume spaces like schools, kitchens, and offices. Paper desk pads can be integrated into a regular cleaning schedule, replacing the sheet at the end of each day or immediately after a space has been contaminated.

American Made

Allé’s desk mats are made in America with delightful office-themed designs perfect for a variety of work environments. This eye-catching aesthetic can be seamlessly added to workplace environments and can encourage their use. Prints are made using FDA-approved vegetable-based inks safe for use by food handlers.

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