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Addressing waste in the workplace is essential to meeting your business’ green goals. Encourage environmentally-friendly habits in your office with these easy-to-implement tips for reducing waste in the workplace! 

5 Ways to Reduce Workplace Waste

Reduce Paper Usage

Limit paper waste by eliminating unnecessary paper usage. Reducing paper waste in the workplace is easier than ever with digital tools. Online document sharing programs, like Google Docs and Office 365, allow for real-time collaboration online! Cloud storage services, including Google Drive and Dropbox, make virtual syncing and sharing simple.


Limit Printing

While a paperless office sounds like a great concept, printing is still necessary for some businesses. Encourage smarter printing practices among your employees to limit paper, ink and energy consumption. Ask employees to print and copy double-sided, print drafts on recycled paper and create half-page forms if possible. If you’re sending out newsletters or promotional materials, be sure to make sure your mailing list is updated so you’re not wasting paper, time or money!


Encourage Recycling

Recycling reduces the amount of waste transported to landfills and incinerators, conserves natural resources, and allows old materials to be turned into new products. Encourage office workers to recycle paper and plastics with recycling bins in convenient locations, such as the printing area and break room. Setting up small recycling wastebaskets at each workspace is also a great way to promote good recycling practices in the office.

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Provide Bottleless Filtered Water

Providing filtered water through a dispenser or fountain is a great way to reduce the use of bottled water. Invite employees to bring in reusable water bottles or use your company’s glassware rather than drinking from plastic water bottles. You could even surprise your employees with a company-branded reusable water bottle to encourage sustainable habits.


Buy Office Supplies in Bulk

Rather than ordering individually packaged office supplies, reduce waste by ordering items in bulk! Buying in bulk results in less packaging material and significant cost savings. Save time, money, stress and the environment by ordering large bulk shipments of coffee, sugar, paper, pens and other items that are guaranteed to run out. 


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