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The post-COVID workspace world has changed dramatically over the last several months. While some of these changes have caused anxiety for some employees, these changes have positively impacted many when it comes to providing a more productive work environment. Between remote work,hybrid workspaces, and activity-based workplaces, there are now a handful of ways to feel safe and stay comfortable while getting your work efficiently done.

Activity-based workplaces provide a cost-effective way for individuals to productively get work done without feeling trapped in cubicles. An activity-based design approach is unique because it’s designed around the different tasks working people may need to complete throughout their workday. This kind of environment has a variety of workspaces available, from couches with plants and pillows to phone booth-inspired desk areas. Depending on your job, you may prefer lounging back to make phone calls while others prefer standing at a desk—both options are often available in an activity-based workplace.


An activity-based workplace is open to workers from all walks of life. This means that all job types, cultures, ethnicities, genders, abilities, generations, and more are welcome to work in the same space. With so many unique individuals taking part in an activity-based approach, it also means many different needs should be met in the workspace. Between more laid-back, relaxing stations to enclosed, focused spaces, everyone should be able to find a workspace that meets their needs.


Comfort is key when it comes to creating a successful activity-based workplace. Flexibility is an important element of these unique work environments in that the design should cater to the comfort of most people. If someone finds comfort working in a coffee shop atmosphere, there is a station similar to that of a coffee shop. If someone finds comfort in a sound-proof cubicle, there is a space similar to that as well. Flexible, diverse settings are what make activity-based workplaces different from the typical office environment.

(Open) Separation

Being able to choose where you want to work and having the option to change it up is ideal for the post-COVID workplace. If you don’t want to be in your company’s office due to too many employees being present that day, an activity-based space is a great, spacious alternative. If you prefer to work in an open, social environment where you can see other people as you work, activity-based working is perfect for you. With natural separators such as planters and greenery or furniture and lighting, workers won’t feel confined in the workspace you’ve set up for them.

Allé Designs

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