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While the suburbs often dress up their homes in bright lights and festive decor, commercial offices don’t always get the attention they should when it comes to landscaping in winter. There are classic, simple winter landscaping ideas your commercial office can try out that won’t blind passerbys or be too over-the-top for nearby businesses. Improving your curb appeal during the winter season can consist of bright color use, reusing materials and choosing conservative lighting options.

Focus on Colorful, Winter-Blooming Flowers

When you think of bright, colorful flowers, winter landscaping isn’t usually the first thing you think about. There are many winter-blooming flowers that look beautiful in front of commercial office spaces and homes throughout the winter season. Flowers such as winter jasmine, honey wort, pansies, violets and winter honeysuckle are just a few gorgeous, winter-blooming flowers that can add flair to your landscaping.

Reuse Summertime Materials

There are so many appealing, decorative materials and containers used in the warmer seasons that can be added to your office landscaping during the winter too. A few examples are hanging baskets, antique wagons, window boxes and wheelbarrows. Simply adding some lights or evergreen branches can make for an attractive addition to your office’s landscaping during winter months.

Emphasize Lighting

When you think of holiday lighting, you may only picture the typical red and green lights you see on every evergreen tree and around every window from November until January. Though traditional lights can be done in a minimalistic and classy way, there are other ways to include lights into your landscaping in winter. Cool colors—such as hues of blues and purples—can make a winter scene cozier and stand out when next to long lines of other office buildings. Lighting that reflects off natural elements in your landscape—including water, leaves and trees—is another natural, calm way to incorporate lights in the winter time.

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