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Modern office interior design trends are constantly changing. Given our society’s many recent reforms as a result of COVID-19, the workplace environment transformed drastically in 2020. Office space trends for 2021 prioritize health and wellness, green initiatives and flexibility.

Prioritized Health and Wellness

Post-COVID workplace design trends prioritize employee health and wellness in many different ways from distanced workstations to hands-free technology. Businesses are incorporating new hygienic features into their office design, such as break room sinks, communal sanitizing stations, and touchless sinks, hand dryers and doors to limit the spread of germs.

Modern office design will also include more boundaries and barriers, encouraging physical distancing between coworkers and customers. In some offices, curtains, walls or shields might be placed between workspaces for separation. Booths may become popular in other offices. Businesses will implement new seating arrangements that encourage collaboration, yet remain physically distanced.

Nature-Focused Office Design

Nature-focused office design seeks to bring outdoor elements indoors, allowing employees to reap the health benefits of our natural environment. It also supports green initiatives and eco-friendly habits. Improved air quality, air filtration and natural lighting will be incorporated into office design to ensure a healthy and uplifting working space for employees. Biophilic design elements like plants, water and natural wood will enhance visual connectivity between humans and nature in the workplace while providing a welcoming aesthetic.

Dynamic Flexibility

Office design trends for 2021 explore dynamic flexibility to accommodate hybrid work schedules and support creativity and collaboration. To make the most of their space, businesses are incorporating moveable, multi-functional and ergonomic furniture designed for any space or purpose into their offices. A flexible workspace gives employees the freedom to choose when, where and how they want to work. Flexible elements also welcome change with ease when it’s time for an adjustment!

Allé Designs

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