23 Gallon Slim Trash Can (with Handles)

23 Gallon Slim Trash Can (with Handles)

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This 23-gallon slim trash can’s narrow design optimizes the useable space of any location with a narrow rectangular shape. Perfect for schools, factory floors, offices, and casual retail establishments, a narrow profile and convenient size (22” x 30” x 11”) make it a smart way to control waste in your space. Orders can be customized to include color-matching lids. Suitable for use with a variety of trash liners.


Compact to fit out-of-the-way spots in bathrooms, kitchens, and under desks, the narrow trash can offers plenty of function to go with its form. This 23-gallon slim trash can is light yet durable, made with heavy duty plastic for a long product life in locations with a high volume of disposable waste. The trash can boasts a rimmed handle for a secure grip and improved overall control when lifting heavy loads.

The 23-gallon trash can is designed for resistance-free trashbag removal to prevent frustrating slow-downs for busy workers. Four separate vents encourage improved air circulation for faster bag removal, reducing strain on knees, hips, and elbows when lifting. The incorporated bag cinches hold liners in place and allow for quick, knot-free bag changes.

For Trash and Recycling

This 23-gallon trash can is available in five different colors, including black, gray, beige, recycle blue, and recycle green. This specific array of available colors meets multiple waste disposal needs. The three neutral colors are for conventional landfill waste while the blue and green finishes allow for wet and dry recyclable waste.

The green and blue finishes have the universal symbol of recycling clearly displayed on the front and back for easy identification by users. This receptacle’s 23-gallon size is nearly a third larger than the traditional 18-gallon recycling bin.

Made in America

This product is GSA approved and TAA compliant.

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