Hexagonal Planter Rimmed

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As many mathematicians, scientists, artists and the lovely creature the bee have known for a long time, the hexagon shape makes a perfect design. With its equal parts and sides that fit together, the configurations of this planter is endless.

Allé Designs hexagonalplanters enhance the beauty of any indoor or exterior space. Custom Composite Resin (CCR) is:

  • Dent Proof
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Leak Proof
  • Comes in over 60 Standard Finishes

Large Allé planters with a Stonetex finish provide the look of concrete in a lightweight planter, making installation easier.

Finish: Black Walnut|White|Texas Leather|Metallic Suede Aluminum|Noble Gray|Metallic Hammered Steel|Warm Beige|Stonetex Mocha|Stonetex Slate|Metallic Hammered Warm Silver|Putty|Whitall Brown|Ivory|Metallic Suede Steel|Stonetex Graphite Nebula|Black|Stonetex Sand|Greco Bronze|Cinnamon|Metallic Hammered Aluminum|Metallic Suede Bronze|Warm Brown|Metallic Hammered Black|Light Gray|Stontex Pebble|Metallic Suede Warm Silver|Stonetex Fashion Gray|Metallic Hammered Bronze|Warm Gray|Cool Gray

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FPH1412 Hexagonal Planter 14" Dia x 12" H, FPH1812 Hexagonal Planter 18" Dia x 12" H, FPH1818 Hexagonal Planter 18" Dia x 18" H, FPH 2421 Hexagonal Planter 24" Dia x 21" H, FPH2424 Hexagonal Planter 24" Dia x 24" H, FPH3624 Hexagonal Planter 36" Dia x 21" H, FPH3627 Hexagonal Planter 36" Dia x 27" H, FPH3639 Hexagonal Planter 36" Dia x 39" H, FPH4833 Hexagonal Planter 48" Dia x 33" H, FPH6024 Hexagonal Planter 60" Dia x 24" H, FPH6039 Hexagonal Planter 60" Dia x 39" H

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