16 oz Deploy Moisturizing Military Grade Sanitizer

16 oz Deploy Moisturizing Military Grade Sanitizer

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Deploy Hand Sanitizer is made to meet and exceed the highest international standards of personal health and safety. We combine decades of experience, in health, wellness, beauty, and cosmetics as skilled formulators with our mastery of the ethanol-based extraction to produce a super-charged antiseptic that thoroughly removes deep-down dirt, grime, and soaring impurities while leaving the skin smooth, refreshed and clean:

  • The concentrated formula works in small doses, free of irritating dyes or coloring agents, petrochemicals and CHG and latex-compatible
  • 80% ethyl alcohol active ingredient per FDA and World Health Organization anti-viral recommendations
  • Long-lasting, glycerin-rich proprietary gel coats the skin with an anti-microbial barrier imparts a natural lubricant, free of residue drying or stripping all the while reducing skin stress
  • Takes the hands through three levels of clean, it seeks and destroys contamination on contact, thoroughly removes dirt, surface oil, and impurities, without over-drying, purifying and hydrating the skin
  • Awakens the skin, by removing excess oils and debris leaving everything it comes into contact with feeling clean, refreshed, and protected
  • Our superior-quality sanitizer is proudly made in the USA!


  • Active: Ethyl Denatured Alcohol 80% 
  • Glycerin- designed to keep skin moist and hydrated during usage and activation of the gel sanitizer
  • Hydrogen Peroxide – acts as a disinfectant and antiseptic for the skin to help prevent any infection
  • Methylcellulose – multifunctional as a lubricant, foam enhancer, and stabilizer, thickener, emulsion stabilizer, and film former for skincare products
  • Sterile Water – Osmosis water, free of dissolved solids, chlorine, fluoride, parasites, and other impurities
  • Lemon Oil (Fragrance) – Functions as an anti-bacterial detoxifying agent sterilizing and cleansing the hands while nourishing the skin

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Case Count: 12 Case Weight: 12.25 lbs. Cases Per Pallet: 96 Pallet Size; 4 layers; 48 x 40 x 46 Pallet Weight: 1226 lbs

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